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Social Action Ministries

Social Action Ministries at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church include a number of ministries, all focused on helping our parish carry out the teachings of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Social Action helps:

  • increase our parishioner's awareness of social issues
  • serve as a resource center for people in our parish who want to get involved
  • support all of the different ministries and committees in our parish that carry out the social mission of the Church
  • seek partnerships with other similarly focused groups and organizations outside our parish
  • identify opportunities for action

Upcoming Events

Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina on October 8th, 2016, causing widespread damage. The disasters caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida have reminded us of the destructive power of these storms, and the long recovery that follows. Today, North Carolinians are still struggling to repair flooded homes and move back in.

On behalf of those displaced families, join Governor Roy Cooper and Cabinet Secretaries on Saturday, October 7th for the Rebuild NC Day of Serviceā€”a volunteer day to help those families and communities recovering from Hurricane Matthew one year since the storm.

Spread the word to those in your organization who have done Habitat or ASP, or to those who just want to help these families return home. Come as a team, or sign up yourself. Supervisors from long-term recovery organizations will be on hand to guide you. Below is the information on how to sign up.

  • Lumberton - NC Baptist Men Disaster Relief Please sign up online individually or as a team.
  • Princeville - United Methodist Church NCC Please contact or 888-440-9167.
  • Kinston - K.A.R.E. Kinston Area Recovery Efforts Please contact 252-525-6139.
  • Goldsboro - NC Baptist Men Disaster Relief Please sign up online individually or as a team.
  • Fayetteville - Fayetteville Habitat for Humanity Please register online.

Thank you in advance for your help recruiting volunteers on behalf of families recovering from Hurricane Matthew!

Social Action Prayer

Lord Jesus, carpenter and king, supreme sovereign of all men, look with tender mercy upon the multitudes of our day who bear the indignities of injustice everywhere. Raise up leaders in every land dedicated to Your standards of order, equity, and justice. Grant unto us, Lord Jesus, the grace to be worthy members of Your mystical body, laboring unceasingly to fulfill our vocation in the social apostolate of Your Church. Sharpen our intellects to pierce the pettiness of prejudice; to perceive the beauty of true human brotherhood. Guide our minds to a meaningful understanding of the problems of the poor, of the oppressed, of the unemployed, of all in need of assistance anywhere. Guide our hearts against the subtle lure of earthly things and undue regard for those who possess them. May we hunger and thirst after justice always. Amen.

Prayer Source: Catholic Prayer Book by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., Eternal Life, February 15, 1999

Current Issues

Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate

Fair Trade is an alternative approach to international trade that is built on a network of right relationships —relationships that respect human dignity, promote economic justice and cultivate global solidarity. The principals of Fair Trade include: fair pricing, direct purchasing, environmental responsibility and long-term commitment.  When we make the conscious decision to purchase Fair Trade items, we are putting the values of Catholic Social Teaching into action, and working to realize our vision of economic justice.

Fair Trade coffee provides hope for small farmers all around the world who have been trapped in poverty by international market forces over which they have no control.  It guarantees prices that enable producers to cover their costs of production and provide a decent standard of living for their families. In addition, the majority of Fair Trade coffee is organic. 

The daily decisions we make as a consumer can make a real, positive difference in the world.  When we choose to buy fair trade products we are making a strong connection with hardworking, but impoverished workers around the world. How do you know you are really buying Fair Trade?  Look for the label that proves it. The two main labels are the Fair Trade Certified label and the Fair Trade Federation label.


Are you called to serve God through helping those in need and by advocating for justice and peace? Looking for opportunities to put your faith into action? Do you want learn about Catholic Social teaching and how to apply it in the world today? The Social Action committee is always seeking new members who are interested in improving the lives of the poor and in working to change polices that deny people dignity and respect.


Firar Greg Spuhler, 919-362-0414, ext 115, or